Medina Valbak


Medina is an extraordinary artist, with highly acclaimed achievements in Scandinavia and Europe, among other she’s receiver of ‘Lifetime achievement Award’ at the Danish Music Awards 2017, for her extraordinarly achivements since 2007, as the no. 1 Danish pop/dance/R&B singer and songwriter. She’s now combining her music carrier with an acting carrier. She is an extraordinary talent in the acting field too. We are thrilled to be introducing Medina Valbak to the Scandinavian film- and TV industry, as well as the international. 

• Over 20 mill. views on Youtube for “You And I”

• All-Time Top 5 artist on Spotify in Denmark

• Sold out tours in GSA and Denmark

• Signed with ULTRA Records in America

•  sold more than 220.108 physical albums, has more than 88.883 album downloads, and 974.413 single downloads worldwide.

• She also has more than 59.000.000 streams overall.



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