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A growing creative company with great ambitions striving to create opportunities for actors and filmmakers

Panorama House is the parent brand of the subdivisions Panorama Agency, Panorama Academy, Panorama Production, and Spot On Casting. The companies are daily separated, but under the same roof where everything started; 1996 in Ryesgade 103B in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Panorama House believes in the bigger picture. Having a holistic approach is what makes the company unique.

Panorama Agency

Panorama Agency is a part of Panorama House. Panorama Agency is one of Scandinavia’s leading talent agencies. The company represents high-profile and award-winning actors, directors, and scriptwriters both in Scandinavia and International. One of Panorama Agency’s core competences is to scout talents and lead them to national and international breakthroughs. Panorama Agency collaborates with leading international professionals within the entertainment industry focusing on TV, film, and endorsement.

Panorama Academy

Panorama Academy is a part of Panorama House. Panorama Academy offers a 3 year education, masterclasses and workshops for actors and screenwriters.

The 3 year education is built around ten focus areas, designed to match industry requirements, to help actors bridge the gap in the TV and film industry.

Panorama Production

Panorama Production is a part of Panorama House. In collaborating with Academy, Agency, other innovative minds and talented artist, Panorama Production creates meaningful film and TV projects. Watch our 41 Covid19 short film, which we created and produced during lock down.

Panorama Production obtains the rights of content and literature and are developing 4 TV series and 2 feature films.

Spot On Casting

Spot On Casting is a part of Panorma House. Spot On Casting specializes in casting actors for feature films, TV series and high end commercials nationally and internationally since 1995. 

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Panorama Agency is part of Panorama House. You can find more information about Panorama House here.

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