Be yourself.
Everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

Panorama Agency is one of Scandinavia’s leading talent agencies. The company represents high-profile and award-winning actors, directors, scriptwriters, and photographers in both Scandinavia and Europe. Panorama Agency collaborates with leading international professionals in the entertainment industry focusing on TV, film, and endorsement.

Panorama Agency ApS was founded by Lene Seested in 1996. As the first, a pioneer in Denmark, she founded an actors’ Agency. It was a natural step and extension of her professional and close cooperation with the actors. The demand was high, and actors quickly gained interest and signed up, because they needed the advice, coaching, they wished to be suggested for roles and jobs nationally and internationally, receive PR advise, image building, and of course help to the negotiation of contracts, all of which Panorama Agency was able to provide on a daily basis.

The founder of Panorama Agency, Lene Seested is also a leading casting director within the film, television, and commercial industry. In addition to casting big feature film and TV-series since the late 90s both national and international, Lene Seested has been Susanne Biers’s personal caster for more than 20 years. Throughout Seested’s career as a casting director, she has embraced a lot of experience and success which more recently lead to her being accepted into The Academy.
Lene was the first in Denmark to be inspired by the international approaches to work in the Agent and Management industry. The international inspiration and experience lead to her unique and holistic Triangle Philosophy approach in which she helps actors in all aspects of their life:

  • Acting technique.
  • Education in personal leadership in all facets of an actor’s life.
  • Understanding and handling business affairs / ‘know your business’.

Lene’s force is to always trust her intuition and inner drive, which brought her to build a unique set of skills of how to match actors to roles, create strategies to breakthroughs, and reach carrier goals together with actors, directors, scriptwriters, and photographers.

  • Kristofer Hivju; ‘Game of Thrones 3-8’, ‘Fast & Furious 8’  
  • Alex Høgh Andersen; ‘Vikings 4-6’
  • Linnea Berthelsen; ‘Stanger Things2’
  • Mia Jexen; ‘Fortitude 1-3’
  • Tobias Santelmann; ‘The Last Kingdom 1-3’, ‘Hercules’, ‘Point Break’
  • Thure Lindhardt; Spirit Award Nominated for his lead role in ‘Keep the Lights On’,’Into the Wild’; ‘Angles & Demons’, ‘Borgias’
  • Anine Lindvig; TV2’s mini TV series ‘Håbet’
  • Ole Christoffer Ertvaag; ’The Last Kingdom 1-2’
  • Julia Bache-Wiig; ‘The Last Kingdom 1-3’
  • Stine Fischer Christensen; ‘Princess’, ‘After the Wedding’, ‘Wild Swans’
  • Molly Egelind; ‘Fucking 14’, ‘The Bold Hairdresser’
  • Laura Christensen; ‘Midsommer’, ‘Life Hits’, ‘At Night’, ‘Crying for Love’, ‘Mammon3’
  • Neel Rønholt; ‘At Night’, ‘Life Hits’, ‘Crying for Love’, ‘After the Wedding’
  • Sonja Richter; ‘Open Hearts’
  • Sidse Babett Knudsen; ‘The One and Only’

Panorama Agency creates individual career plans shaped for each client. If we can’t find a way we’ll make one! We strive to always be ambitious, honest and focused on individual goals and desires – which is reflected in our style of coaching and advice that we provide. We support and challenge our client’s potential and talent. We collaborate with the world’s leading entertainment lawyers. We manage career strategies, ‘know your business’, salary and contract negotiations, personal leadership and development, branding, and public relations.

Our working strategy, goals and our daily representation is constantly evolving. We strive to continuously pioneer within the industry.

Lene Seested

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