Be yourself.
Everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

“I love this quote because it is spot on,” says Lene Seested. She adds: “Be yourself and be the best version of yourself. You are unique. Cultivate the very thing that makes you unique.”

Since its founding in 1996, Panorama Agency has been one of the leading talent agencies in Scandinavia and Europe.

Seested says: “I moved when I was 21 years old to Copenhagen in 1993. I followed my dream to make a difference in the film/TV industry for actors. The following year I was employed in the Danish Film School and working for DR1. After my first year in the industry, I casted my first feature film “The Eighteenth” in 1995, which won prizes at several festivals and helped pave the way for a wave of independent filmmaking in Scandinavia. It was an incredibly exciting and innovative time to be in the industry, where we all worked long and unpaid hours for small indie companies with even smaller budgets. We made our films a reality though, and produced work the industry had never seen before. It all happened thanks to the countless hours of work and the help of many people who worked in different aspects of the industry.

The beginnings of my career as a leading casting director in the film industry helped pave the way to be a pioneer in Denmark as an agent/manager for actors and later ‘Above the Line’ clients. With encouragement from my American mentors in the film/TV industry, whom I met in LA in the late 90s, I came back to Copenhagen and founded Panorama Agency ApS.

Today I work alongside Danish lawyers and my business coach, to accomplish my visions and goals, all of which were inspired by my  US mentors, who taught me the international model for agencies/management that I then adapted to my own Scandinavian vision. Our company represents the most talented Scandinavian, Nordic, and international actors, DOPs, writer, and directors, many of whom have risen to national and international fame.

I lost my mother at age 14, after watching her suffer from an illness for many years. I grew up with my father and two brothers. At a young age, I had already experienced a great loss that had made it clear to me that life is short and every minute counts. I am determined to live a life a value. I will make a difference for other people during my time here, just as my mother and my father did for me and my brothers. My mother always looked on the bright side of life, even when the doctors saw little hope, even when everything was at its most bleak. With her and my father as role models, and with the adversity I have overcome in my life, it was only natural that I seek out challenges that allow me to help others and make a difference–in my case, to help artists pursue their careers and dreams to the fullest extent possible.

With this mindset, we create an individual career plan shaped for each client here at Panorama. Our coaching and our advice is always ambitious, honest, and focused on individual goals and desires. We support and challenge our client’s potential and talent. We manage career strategies, image/branding, public relations, salary and contract negotiations, personal development, and often collaborate with the world’s leading entertainment lawyers.

Our working strategy, goals and our daily representation is constantly evolving. We strive to continuously pioneer in the industry.

Lene Seested