Gry Molvær

Languages:Mother Tongue: NorwegianFluent in: English


Gry Molvær Hivju is a Norwegian director, producer and scriptwriter. During her time at NRK her work included presenting the popular science program ‘Schrödingers cat’ as well as current news program Nyhetsavdelingen.

I 2012 she was selected by NRK to join the first group of candidates for their «MasterClass» a scheme aimed at nurturing talented directors and producers within the organisation.

Moreover, Gry is also an art photographer with a vocational degree in Fine Art from Einar Granum College of Fine Art and has had several photo exhibitions in the last couple of years as well as providing scenography for several major shows including ‘Fra Hat til Håp’ in Nidarosdomen Cathedral.

Gry is a recipient of the Norwegian Broadcast Award: ‘The Public Education Award’.

Her latest documentary ‘Bit Ballerina Bulldog’ on the subject of the renowned psaligrapher Karen Bit Vejle, was nominated ‘Best Documentary’ during Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF). Moreover, the film was nominated for ‘Best original score’ at the Norwegian TV Awards Gullruten 2016.

Gry was also one of the artists featured in the documentary ‘Lysleite’, winner of ‘Best photo’ at Gullruten 2014, and both films are produced by Norwegian production company Tindefilm, of which she is now a co-owner.

Gry has provided the voice/narrated for several documentaries on science and nature for NRK, among them ‘Rise of the Continents’ (NRK/BBC), ‘Animal Super Senses’ (NRK/BBC) and ‘Revealing the Secret Lives of Sharks‘ (NRK/BBC). Furthermore, Gry has used as a script consultant  on productions including the Norwegian Film Award-nominated documentary Havets sølv (Silver of the Sea), in addition to writing texts for artist  Ørnulf Opdahl’s book ‘Over Atlanterhavsryggen’ (Deeper than light).

In autumn of 2018 Molvær Hivju directed her first commercial ‘Harnessing the Wind’, for Aker Solutions, and she is also Associated Producer for Nordic Film og NRK’s upcoming dramaseries ‘TWIN’.