Thure Lindhardt Booking


Thure Lindhardt is a Danish actor with great international success. He is best known for his roles in Flammen & Citronen, Into The Wild and Angels & Demons, where he played opposite Tom Hanks and was instructed by Sean Penn. In his lectures, Thure shares his experience both as an actor and as a person, explains how he developed his purpose and life goals and encourages the audience to consider their own objectives. Thure always knew that he wanted to be an actor but he wasn’t sure what his overachieving goals were or what he wanted from life. With mindful reflection, Thure decided upon his goals and pursued them to his fullest extent, achieving success on both a professional and personal level. The audience will not only be entertained by Thure’s story but will also be inspired to reflect and look inwards. Thure also elaborates upon his career and the life of a professional actor, talking openly about both the positive and challenging aspects of the job.